The Official Launch from

Welcome to Today is the official Launch from The Notes Editor ist now official available in Version 1.1. is a Free, Fast Editor for Notes and Document. A Editor App built on the newest Technology Stack. is ready for the Future. New Functions, Web standards, there is nothing you will miss in the Notes App. is a Progressive Web App (PWA), the Notes Editor is Ready to Install for Chrome Browser, for Chrome OS and in the Microsoft Edge Browser. Android User can use the App from Google Play Store. Other Platforms and Devices are on the list for 2021, we want run the Editor App in the next Year on all important Systems.

Feature from Version 1.1

  • Notes Editor they ready for the Browser and App
  • No Registration, No Advertising, No Third-Party
  • Complete Free Notes Editor App
  • Export Notes (PDF, MD, TXT, HTML)
  • Import Notes from different Document Types
  • Import Images in your Notes Documents
  • saved your Notes automatically
  • Offline Ready Notes App (Use the PWA Installer)
  • Dark-Mode (Save Energy and the Eye-Light)
  • Full Screen everywhere (Full Screen Button)
  • Copy your Notes to Clipboard with one Click
  • Mark-Down Syntax for traditional formatting
  • Lightweight App, Fast running and Installing
  • Emoji-Support (Ready for the newest Unicode) Version 1.2 is in the Pipe

  • We work on New Import and Export Document Types
  • Special: Unique and Fast Sharing Notes Function
  • New Apps and Browser Extensions in the process
  • – Notes App for the Smartwatch
  • Speaking or Typing? (You choose in next Version)
  • Support for more Languages (German, France)

More Details to the Editor and Release Notes you can read here in the Blog (RSS-Feed) or on Twitter. Please use the Contact Form for Feedback and Questions.

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